Friday, August 28, 2009

Having a Special Birthday Party at McDonald's

You surely heard about, but chances are you don’t know exactly what to expect from McDonalds Birthday Parties. If you are not familiar yet with planning a birthday party at McDonalds, as information is still hard to find, we simply try to fill this gap.
There are several reasons why McDonalds Birthday Parties are popular among kids, and their parents:
  • Still one of the cheapest ways to have a birthday party. It may be even cheaper than a party at home! Prices vary, based on food packages. This may include all Happy Meals, ice cream, the party favors and balloons.
  • Easy to setup. A McDonald’s employee will act as your party attendant, serve the party and cleanup after. You do nothing but watch after the kids as they play.
  • There is a McDonalds Restaurant at almost every corner, about a quarter of them with Play Places, where kids can play and have fun on soft playgrounds.
  • Kids from one year old to 12 can enjoy such party. They already know about and love Ronald McDonald the clown, and the toys coming with the Happy Meals. All popular food for kids is on place: cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets, salad, ice cream and cake, orange juice or soda as drinks.
At least two or three weeks in advance, locate a McDonalds Restaurant in your area. There were 300+ McDonalds restaurants nationwide.

You have several options:

  • McDonalds restaurants with Playland or Play Place, that host McDonalds birthday parties upon reservation of their private party room. This is the best place to have your birthday party. For some local operators, the McDonalds birthday packages are also advertised on the web, and they may offer more than the “standard” package.
  • McDonalds restaurants with Playland or Play Place, but no separate party room. They may not regularly host birthday parties, but you can still come over with no reservation, occupy the tables around the soft play area and have a nice party.
  • McDonalds restaurants with no play area, but with birthday parties, in a private room. Kids can still have fun, your McDonalds hostess can bring the entertainment and children will enjoy the flavor of a McDonalds birthday party at their favorite restaurant.
Try to visit in advance the McDonalds restaurant and the party room, and make sure the soft area is safe and parking available. Ask if they will have enough variety of toys for the Happy Meals on the planned date.

McDonald's Birthday Party

If the McDonalds restaurant officially hosts birthday parties, reserve the private party room at least two-three weeks in advance. Weekends are frequently busy and get booked faster. You’re usually required a non-refundable deposit, for some P2,000.00 to P3000.00.

You can order the birthday cake at most McDonalds with birthday parties. Your overall cost for the party will include the birthday cake and, for each child, the Happy Meal, an ice cream and a goody bag. Be ready to order various Happy Meals, because some like cheeseburgers, others chicken nuggets. Kids may get thirsty and you may be in need to order additional drinks. You’re not allowed to bring food from outside.

Kids will likely spend about half an hour in the party room before and after they play. Before, to have the lunch and enjoy the Happy Meals. And after, for the cake, to sing Happy Birthday, open the presents and receive the goody bags.

The Play Place is frequently open to the public, but in some cases they can close it off and you might have the whole place to yourself, for about an hour.

McDonalds Play Place

The disadvantage of an open play area is your guests will get mixed up with other kids and strangers. The benefit is you can stay as much as you want. There is no limit of time for your McDonalds birthday party, except for the party room. You have to leave this room when your time expires, because there may be other parties and a cleanup is required. In some popular restaurants, this may be a problem, at the transition from one scheduled party to another. When a party is over, kids and their parents may not leave immediately and it can get a bit cozy.

It’s your role, as a parent, to watch the kids and make sure nobody gets hurt while they play. Kids take their shoes off when they play. Just make sure they have their shoes on when they go to the washrooms, and have at least one other parent around, to accompany them.

A party attendant will serve your guests, with Happy Meals and the birthday cake. Some party attendants are also good entertainers and bring additional fun. It is however unlikely they will dress-up in Ronald McDonald the Clown, unless something like this is already advertised in the McDonalds birthday package at that specific restaurant.

Party Themes

Hannah Montana, BEN 10, Ronald and The Gang

Party Amenities

Disney Fairies Party Ameneties

Party PROMO from August 15 to October 15, 2009

Take out Party PROMO as of August 10 to September 30, 2009


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