Tuesday, October 13, 2009

McDonalds Halloween Party

Do you already have a plans in what to do this coming Halloween? or do you prefer to stay home with kids or love ones watching scary movies? why don't you enjoy the Halloween by attending some Halloween activities, events, or parties?. Every year McDonalds is throwing a Halloween Party for kids in every McDonalds store here in the Philippines. Last year me and my nephew are came in this Halloween party. The entrance price is so cheap its just Php150.00 includes the foods and lots of freebies.
The venue is cold, designed by creepy Halloween materials with dim light and spooky sounds. The programs are great and so much fun with Halloween games and raffles but the best part is the Halloween Costume Contest. My nephew wore a Power Ranger costume, it's so funny because Power Ranger is not for Halloween that's why we didn't won and get the price. The one who wear a gauze like a Mummy has won as the best Halloween Costume. This year we are not sure if we were going to attend because we do not know yet which McDonald store we were going to. If you want to attend a Halloween party just go to the Mcdonalds near your place, it defends on the store when do they schedule their Halloween Party. All I can assure you is its so much fun having a Halloween Party in McDonalds, so make an unforgettable Halloween Party experience at McDonalds.

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